MTB 246

Our Core Values and Goals:
1. To promote Mountain Biking in Barbados as both a recreational and professional sport.
2. To educate persons of the safety involved while mountain biking, as well as to educate persons on the different sub genres (DH, Enduro, XC, Freestyle, etc..).
3. To encourage everyone to become fitter, stronger, faster and generally more skilled at mountain biking and allow those skills to be applied in general day to day activity.
4. Meet new people, have a better appreciation for our environment and have fun while doing it.

How we plan to achieve them.
1. Hold beginner classes for persons who’ve never rode a bike before or haven’t in a while.
2. Hold weekly themed group rides covering various locations in Barbados especially historic locations.
3. Hold competitive events to constantly challenge members to improve.
4. Work with the wider biking and outdoor communities to promote trail advocacy and regularly maintain local trail networks.
5. By way of volunteers with professional experience demonstrate the best practices to ensure every activity is safe.
6. Utilize funds raised via apparel sales to purchase necessary resources to improve the community.